Exploring Tanzania: Unforgettable Safari Adventures with Kids

If you’ve ever flipped through picture books with African animals alongside your children, you’ve probably fantasized about seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The allure of witnessing wildlife up close is not just for your little ones; it’s a dream shared by many parents as well. Yet, the prospect of embarking on a safari in Tanzania with your kids may stir up some concerns. Rest assured, you’re not alone in your apprehensions. The idea of venturing to a distant land where wild animals roam freely can be daunting. However, let us reassure you: it’s entirely possible, and easier than you might imagine!

How old should kids be for a safari?” is a question we frequently encounter. Well, here’s the good news: there’s no minimum age requirement for entering Tanzanian national parks. Even better, children under the age of 15 enjoy reduced entry fees. A sign of encouragement, perhaps? We certainly think so! But let’s hear what our experienced travel consultant, Julia, recommends.

As parents, you know your children best. When it comes to accommodation, we collaborate with partners accustomed to hosting families with kids. Need an extra bed for your little ones? Simply add it to your booking. Want some time to yourselves? Certain lodges in Tanzania offer childcare services with engaging programs for older children.”

To provide perspective, most families opting for a family-friendly safari with us have children aged six or older. If you feel your child is still too young for a safari, consider a holiday on Zanzibar, a paradisiacal island just off the Tanzanian coast. Alternatively, you can wait a year or two; Tanzania will be waiting for you.

Preparation is key when traveling with children. “If you’re planning a family holiday in Tanzania with toddlers or young children, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor or local health office regarding recommended vaccinations and medications,” advises Julia. Additionally, consider acquiring Flying Doctors insurance for added peace of mind. Should an unforeseen medical emergency arise, this insurance ensures prompt helicopter transport to the nearest hospital.

Furthermore, Golden Bamboo Tours offers a practical packing tip: “Since you’ll be changing accommodations frequently, packing can become cumbersome. I suggest pre-selecting outfits at home and packing them as sets—underwear, socks, t-shirt, trousers, skirt, jumper, etc. Roll these clothes together to maximize space efficiency. This way, you can easily access a fresh outfit each morning, wrinkle-free! Keep dirty clothes separate in a designated bag—simple and organized!”

A hassle-free safari experience for the entire family requires attention to detail. “We strive to ensure your comfort during travel with children, providing booster seats for vehicles upon request. Safari jeeps often come equipped with refrigerators for storing milk and other necessities. Inform us of any dietary preferences or special needs for your little ones, and we’ll accommodate accordingly.”

In addition, Golden Bamboo Tours shares five tips for a seamless family safari:

  • Bring along toys or arrange for Wi-Fi in the vehicle to keep children entertained.
  • Pack snacks and drinks, or request special provisions to stave off hunger during the adventure.
  • Always have baby wipes on hand for quick clean-ups.
  • Consider carrying a diaper bag for diaper changes when facilities are not readily available.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent—essential for everyone’s comfort and safety, regardless of age.

“What I truly appreciate about Tanzanian culture is how warmly everyone interacts with children. People engage with them, assist at the pool or in restaurants, and share in singing and laughter. It’s always enjoyable and never dull. Recognizing that traveling with children can present challenges, everyone extends a helping hand,” says Julia.

And what about older kids and teenagers? All the aforementioned advice applies when traveling to Africa with older children or teenagers (minus the diaper bag). While safaris remain a highlight, there are plenty of other activities to cater to their interests. Here are our top three recommendations:

  1. Rundugai Hot Springs: Located between Arusha and Moshi, these natural hot springs offer an ideal spot for kids to swim, relax, and capture countless Instagram-worthy moments.

  2. Walking Safari: For teens seeking a more immersive experience, join an experienced guide on a walking safari to delve deeper into nature and observe wildlife up close.

  3. Kendwa Full Moon Party: If your teenagers are old enough and you’re considering a trip to Zanzibar, attending the Kendwa Full Moon Party promises a memorable experience for the entire family.